English For Medical Academic Purposes

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English For Medical Academic Purposes

About The Course

This English for Medical Academic Purposes course is for students and professionals who want to write better academic texts, give presentations, understand lectures and talks, and keep up with research – all in English.

This online course is for students and professionals studying or working in medicine, pharmacy, and nursing.

In this course, you learn:

How to develop your academic vocabulary, including how to use the Academic Word List.

How to understand and use complex grammar and written structure.

How to write effective academic texts, including abstracts and research articles.

How to write and give impactful presentations.

The skills you need to listen effectively to academic lectures or talks.

How to analyse and understand research articles.

Taking this course will help you keep up with the latest research, attend and speak at conferences, study and practice overseas, participate in international projects, and network with other students and professionals around the world.

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