English for Care (A2 Level)

English for Care certificate1
English for Care description certificate
English for Care what you will learn1
English for Care what you will learn
English for Care description1
English for Care description
English for Care1

The course is designed for care professionals and students with an elementary or low-intermediate (A2-B1) level of English who work or study in English.


This course teaches care professionals and students to communicate both confidently and accurately.


Learning to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals makes a massive difference to the quality of a carer’s work.

What’s in the course?

Introducing yourself

Talking about the body

Patient admissions

Taking observations

Eating and drinking

Toileting mobility

Pressure area care

Falls and injuries

Elderly patients

Infection control

Talking about pain

Mental Health

Hospital charts

This course has been written and reviewed by medical and English language professionals.

Upon completion of this course, you receive a CPD-stamped certificate

Please note:

We advise an A2 (Elementary) Level of English or higher for this course.

You will receive a Certificate for each course separately.

This Course as standard includes access for 3 months – this can be extended below.


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