English for Doctors B2 Level

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English for Doctors certificate
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English for Doctors detail description
English for Doctors description1
English for Doctors description
English for Doctors1

This course gives medical professionals and students the language skills they need to provide an outstanding level of practice and care in English.


Communicating effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals makes a massive difference to the quality of a doctor’s work


These courses can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, allowing you to learn wherever you have a connection. Activities and exercises are short and engaging, so even 10 minutes can be productive.

What’s in the course?

Patient admissions

Taking patient history

Examining a patient

Discussing a diagnosis

Explaining tests

Describing symptoms & disorders

Discussing surgery & post-operative care

Professional writing skills

The body and anatomy

End-of-life care

This course is written by internationally renowned medical English writer, Virginia Allum.

On completion of this course, you receive a CPD stamped certificate of 80 CPD points

Please note:

We advise a B2 (Intermediate) Level of English or higher for this course.

You will receive a Certificate for each course separately.

This Course as standard includes access for 3 months – this can be extended below.


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